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As housing management professionals, you are aware of the importance of energy savings. Energy consumption effects the health of your organization and the quality of life of your tenants. Salco provides direct access to Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s sponsored programs that result in reduced energy costs for your tenants, and reduced maintenance expenses for you. In partnership with your facility’s staff, Salco will provide these measures at no cost to you or your tenants, only minimal communication so you understand the upgrades provided in your units.

SALCO – Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Energy Savings Assistance Program

  • The goal of this program is to reduce energy consumption.
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company understands that low income customers are the least likely to perform upgrades that reduce energy.
  • The program allows any customer who qualifies, access to energy saving measures through their network of participating licensed sub-contractors.
  • Qualified customers who rent may participate in the program with consent of the owner or property management.
  • Energy saving measures are at no cost to you or your tenant.
  • Upgrades include light fixtures, window replacement, weather-stripping, refrigerators, and more. See the following page for a comprehensive list of potential upgrades.
  • Upgrades are high quality and mandated by Pacific Gas and Electric Company to meet warranty standards.
  • These measures ultimately reduce the cost of energy to your tenants, improving their quality of life.
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  • Your tenants who qualify for the Energy Savings Assistance Program, automatically qualify for Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s CARE Program – California Alternate Rates for Energy.
  • The CARE program provides your qualified tenants deep discounts on their energy usage – up to 30% from normal rates.
  • As part of our service, SALCO provides enrollment assistance. The result is a reduced cost of energy and an improved quality of life.
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Partner with SALCO!

Our professionals are dedicated to the success of the Energy Savings Assistance Program. We understand that partnerships with organizations like yours provide an opportunity to reach a large number of customers. For this reason, we have dedicated a tremendous amount of time to understand the needs of housing managers and their facilities department. Our service is designed to be hassle free for your staff and leave you with nothing less than happy tenants.

Our contractors are nothing but the best! Each member of SALCO is licensed by the State of California Contractors’ License Board and is approved by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. This includes a full background check to ensure your tenants‘ safety. Our staff arrives to your facility neat and clean in appearance in identifiable attire and a photo badge. You can’t miss us, bright blue collared shirts are always clean and ready to go!

What we need from you:

As mentioned earlier, tenants who qualify may have these measures performed with permission of the owner or property management. We wish to have the opportunity to meet with you, introduce ourselves, and answer any questions you may have.